The Reason for Why Dive Watches Become a Fascinating Choice of Wristwatch World?

With the advancement of technology, gadgets can be considered as a new era where wristwatches eventually fade away like a thing of a past! But men have a special attraction on this and will not give up so soon. Rather all men around the world have a strong fascination of watches for a long time. In various types of watches that men fancy about their collections, dive watch is most legendary, durable, and versatile.

why are dive watches so expensive

But why are dive watches so expensive? Is it appropriate to buy it?

Very often money knows no boundary when it came to making an ultimate watch collection. The reach of a dive watch is big. For that, they like range rovers of the watch lovers’ world. And you do not have to baby it rather, room to the boat deck–anywhere you want can wear a dive watch. They are designed not to feel only luxurious but also have the power to perform in utmost environments.

However, these mass qualities help it to retain its popularity and make it a symbol of bravery and adventure.

Some of the unique features that possess dive watches make the new choice of people,

Extreme Waterproof

The first obvious characteristic of a dive watch is, of course, how much it can water resist and how well it works under high pressure. In some cases watches that are simply get a good waterproof rating often won’t be able to cope up the high pressures required in diving.

Actually, the ISO 6425 has described that a dive watch minimum depth rating should be 100m or 330ft. And no watch is released without going through the required verification or tests, so you need not worry about your dive watch. Even if you do not probably dive this deep, but you really want to know the safety margin to keep your watch safe.

Over that, durable and thick crystal construction makes this timepiece from centralizing. Regardless of an environment–you can wear this everywhere you want. This is the things makes the dive watch so popular among the men because they like a watch that can cling on their wrist every time.

Luminosity under the Water

Only in shallow depth level of water, you can see clearly. While the depth increases, the amount of brightness lessened. More or less than 25% of surface light can reach in the 10m depth underwaters and after 200m or beyond that rarely a significant light can be reached. So, ensuring enough readable quality in low visible condition is necessary.

Actually, dive watches are well coated with luminous paint on the dial, bezel marker, and broad hands so that diver can check the times even in the dark. Usually, tritium is used in luminous paints which help dive watches glow in the night.

Besides providing the clear readability, glowing dial and broad hands also play a vital role in showing off your sense of style. This is the reason why most of the youngsters choosing dive watch over others.

Rotating Bezel

A bezel is a necessary component of a good diving watch. It’s a ring marked with minutes that rotates around the watch face. If you rotate the bezel to the zero mark at the minute hand when you started the dive, you can see your duration of dive instantly without having to calculate it. Typically bezel rotates in one way so, if it accidentally moves, it does not extend your time rather shorten it.

Besides offering perfect time reading in water, it also adds a rugged and sporty look to the watches. And it’s worthy to bear in mind that men like sporty masculine looks. This is the point dive watches are preferable over others.

Long Battery Life

A good diving watch must be well-aimed about its materials. While choosing a dive watches that build with solid materials provide an exceptionally long life battery. With an extended battery life, users are attracting by diving watches a lot.

Enlargeable Watch Bands

How do you feel or look by wearing dive watch? Actually, this question answer largely depends on your personal choice. To feel good, watch and bands play an important role. Usually, dive watches come with enlargeable straps which makes it simple for the wearers to make different looks by wearing the watches as they want like loosely, over sleeves or any other way. Long straps also help you to fit your arms while wearing the diving wetsuit.

Shock Resistant

Almost all the dive watch manufacture today verifies the shock resistance quality. So, if your watch falls from the short height, you need not worry about its breaking. That’s another plus point for the watch lovers.

Design and Preferences

Dive watches use all the latest technology to spot a durable and tough look. But regarding its appearances, there are many questions among the people. Like, why are dive watches so big?

It’s because, in some years ago, people love to wear slim watches with a smaller bezel. But with the change of time, people prefer to wear big, bold and macho looking watches. Actually, it’s all nothing but personal statements of men. Men like to represent themselves as rough and tough to the world and dive watches also built in that way. Even some people want to wear it to accustomed James Bond style.

Conclusion: Why are dive watches so popular?

Finally, durability, rugged looks, and piles of features are responsible for dive watch popularity among men. As there are many people who wear golf or polo t-shirt, but not necessary most of them play either golf or polo. They simply like the t-shirt. In the same manner, users love dive watches for its functionality and design. Besides that its necessity may end for divers but its popularity is a long way to fade away. This is the reason; the fascinating and versatile dive watches become the most stylish wristwatches for men today.

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