Timex T2N958 Intelligent Quartz Depth Gauge Dive Watch Review

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Finding an affordable price dive watch is a time-consuming and confusing task for maximum people. Understanding the feature of dive watch and choosing the right feature watch is hard always, but not impossible. If you are searching an affordable price analog style dive watch, stick around! Because I am going to discuss the features, advantages, and drawbacks of Timex Men’s T2N958 Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series Dive watch that is popularly known inexpensive dive watch with the best water resistant facility.
Timex T2N958Most of the dive watch manufacturer try to ensure best water resistant system on their watch. To ensure the best quality product, they use all modern technologies as well. But implementing all the latest technologies always increase the product price. When people search dive watch, they find most of them are expensive. If you don’t want to waste your time to search best affordable price stainless steel made dive watch, you should read this review post about Timex Men’s T2N958 Depth Gauge Yellow Resin Strap Watch. This will enrich your knowledge about dive watch features and help you identifying any good dive watch as well.

Features of Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch:                                                           

The material of  Dive Watch : To identify best dive watch, you have to consider its production material and technology used on it. Gold, Titanium, and bronze are some noble metal to product dive watch. But they are expensive. Most of the people can’t afford the high price or few search dive watch for regular use. If you are searching affordable price good material made dive watch, Timex Men’s T2N958 can be your best choice. Because of high-quality stainless steel used in this watch, its fights against corrosion for a long time.

Timex Men's T2N958

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Watch Measurements: Convenient band length and width for men ensure best comfortable use. 22-millimeter band wide and the perfect length for men add extra advantage. Case diameter is 46 millimeter that has 19 millimeters case thickness.

Item Weight: People always search lightweight feature watch and Timex Men’s T2N958 Intelligent Quartz Adventure Yellow Watch is super light in weight. Its actual weight is 4.80 ounces. Comparing with other analog dive watches, it’s light and stylish as well.

Water Resistant System: To get the best advantage from your dive watch, you should pick one that has a long water-resistant advantage. Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch has long 660 feet water resistant depth that increase the advantage of use. Most of the watch allow 150 feet to 400 feet water resistant depth, where Timex Men’s T2N958 allows a smart distance that increases the ease of use.

Style and Color: Among the top considerable feature of dive watch – color and style are two highly considerable feature that people always give priority. Timex Men’s T2N958 Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series Watch is intuitive in design and color. Yellow band color makes this watch more stylish in look. 24-hour analog style time display gives it more attractive look. This increased the interest of style loving people and most of them pick this watch for its beautiful design.

Power source: Alike most of the watches, this is battery power dive watch. You need 1 lithium battery on it. batteries are available in maximum clock store, however, you will get 1 piece lithium metal battery included with the package.

Depth Sensor Active Watch: This is another cool feature that will help you using your watch conveniently. Depth sensor active feature helps you measuring the water depth easily and manufacturer advice not to explore more than 200 meters. This is a safe distance that ensures better use of your dive watch.

Timex Men's T2N958

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Advantages of Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch:

Affordable Price Watch: Most of the people want the best feature on their watch, but this should be affordable in price. Some happy buyer mentioned in their review, this watch has some amazing feature that is absent in some expensive watch as well. Comparing with same feature product, you will find these dive watch very much affordable.

Specially Designed For Men: The design of Men watch and Women watch are not same. Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch is specially designed yellow color dive watch for men. Style loving people always want something special that has an intuitive design. This dive watch is analog style watch that attracts them and forces them to pick this watch as well.

Warranty Support: Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch has a 1-year limited warranty that ensures the best support from the manufacturer. Mineral dial window and stainless steel case material ensure long-lasting service from the watch.

Less Weight Product: Comparing with most of the dive watches, you will find this watch lightweight. People love the lightweight product as this type of watch, don’t create any irritating feeling on hand. To buy a lightweight dive watch at an affordable price, this one can be a perfect choice.

Time Format and Date Window: Though this is analog style dive watch, but this dive watch has a small date window near to 3.00 position. This impact positive on customers minds and force them to buy this amazing feature watch. Also, this has 24-hour time display that is common, but some people love this type of style as well.

Timex Men's T2N958 Review

Disadvantages of  Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch:

Though Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch has all necessary advantages, but this watch has some drawbacks as well. Though most of them are negligible, but knowing them will help you using your dive watch more conveniently. One of the drawbacks of this dive watch is the alarm system. Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch don’t have an alarm system.

If you love digital time display watch, then you should search something different. This watch display time as a 24hr analog format. However, this dive watch has date display system that includes extra advantage.

Another drawback of this watch is the longevity of water resistant system. While changing the battery, water resistant system can be hampered. The manufacturer suggests to send the watch to their own service center to avoid unwanted water-resistant system damage, but this is time-consuming.

Timex Men's T2N958

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Final Words:

Underwater diving is always adventurous and entertaining. A diving or dive watch adds extra joy and pleasure on underwater diving. To help you identifying the best dive watch, I discussed the feature, advantages, and disadvantages of Timex Men’s T2N958 Resin Strap Watch. If you have read the features and advantages already, you can take a positive decision to buy this beautiful design dive watch to make your underwater diving more thrilling.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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