How to Buy the Right Diver Watch?

Buying a good dive watch can be a terrifying thing–especially if you want to be a well-informed shopper. Over a last couple of years, dive watches have received an enormous popularity. Actually, the world is flooded with all imaginable shapes, sizes, color and styles of dive watches. Unfortunately, some of these so-called fashions watch disguising as a dive watch. Maybe some of them borrowed the look of a classic watch but can’t last in a long time in the depth water. So, in case of choosing a good looking watch more cautiously check the functionality of a dive watch.

As a huge number of brands manufactures dive watches so it’s simple to feel overwhelmed. But the great news is that the plenty of choices also come up with different budget and taste preferences. So won’t lost rather easily find your right dive watch.

How to Buy the Right Diver Watch

What Makes the Best Dive Watch?

A true dive watch will be designed to withstand the depth resistance of at least 100m. Through a serious of tests, it confirms the safety requirements specified in ISO standard 6425.

Without any doubt, a dive watch must possess superior water resistance, which makes it a “true dive watch”. Since, it began to use as to serve clear purposes–like offered illuminated time, accuracy, and deep depth with rotating bezel and so on. Even they were being strong enough to handle the pressure while submerged them to the great depths.

Not just that, band and case materials must be corrosion resistant that means titanium, stainless steel, rubber or silicone often can be used in dive watches. This is the facts that can make a dive watch an ultimately best one in timekeeper’s world.

What To Consider While Buying A Dive Watch?

Luckily there are many fascinating choices out there that will fit well in your favourite lists. But with some consideration ideas you need to look while you want to decorate your wrist. Here they are,


While you choosing your dive watch, it depends on your taste, needs and most personal stuff price. How much you should expand on a watch– it’s up to you.

An accessible watch can offer a vast array of enjoyments. But now accurate time is not necessary because itcan easily attainable to anyone with a cell phone. Rather a watch can be considered as a stylish accessory or a great investment that makes few sacrifices and appreciated over a period of time.

Actually watch is like wine– it’s better to buy the best one you can afford. A watch also considers the family heritage that is handed over from one generation to other. So, the price actually reflects what you want to acquirefrom it.

Size Matters

As there is no particular type wrist size, so no sizes of watch actually. But some timepieces have been seen large enough from space and their case diameters are in therange of 34-44mm. So if you’re a youngster with weak girliewrists, a case from 34-40mm will be work best for you. While rugged and tough men’s with wrists like an oak tree should go for the case size up to 46mm.

Additionally, the width of the model also influences the look of a watch. A watch 10mm thickness case can sit nicely than one that’s 15mm.


The object that embraces your dive watch to your grips is playing a phenomenal character of your timepiece. While a leather strap is a choice for a dressy and conventional look, a metal one provides the perfect look for chunky and masculine timepieces. NATO or canvas straps are found in the favourite lists of Esquire, most worn it with the Rolex Submariner. So, if it’s a great enough for famous character James Bond, it’s also perfect enough for you as well.

Mechanical or Quartz Movements

While mechanical watches are powered by a wound mainspring like a child’s wind-up toy, quartz watches powered by electricity to a small battery. This type of watches uses little quartz crystals, long lasting batteries, and compact circuits. This is why, quartz watches are incredibly reliable, accurate and less expensive. Besides that, the best thing it provides is carefree performance and superior style. The world’s first quartz wrist watch is Seiko Astron which first sold in 1969 in Japan. Though many Swiss manufacturers have been working on this Seiko was the first company to bring it to the market. With a solid gold case, Astron is a luxury watch and a fresh innovation of technology.

On the contrary, mechanical watches are not as much accurate as quartz but they are in the part of watchmaking traditions. However, if it properly fixed, then it can be accurate enough to do practical purposes. Even in proper care, it will last for an indefinite time.

Actually, a huge majority of people are love to brought battery-driven quartz watches. Watch snobs of mechanical devices, stylish approach and anyone who wants to connect with heritage will tend towards these mechanical types of watches.

Automatic or Hand-wound Movements

A hand-wound watch is as its name suggests: you wind it up by yourself. There is a generally believed that you can get the best result if you wind the watch at the same time every day. An example of hand-wound watch is Tutima’s Patria– a high-grade watches that built-in Tutima’s workplace in Germany.  An automatic watch is also self-winding but at the same time mechanical and powered by a mainspring. Automatic watches are so convenient enough and many people prefer them. It can be a little pleasure when you see the daily routine of winding your watch. Ball Standard Time Watch is the clear example of the self-winding gold watch–it winds by wearer’s movements.

Simple or Complicated

One suggestion is to choose simple watches that don’t have too many complications featured. Complications are called the functions other than time which includes more uses at the same time it makes the timepiece busier and adds more cost. One of the most useful and popular complications is “chronograph”–basically, it’s a stopwatch functionality that built into a normal watch. Another is “GTM”–it offers a 4th hand that can set an alternative time zone in terms of wearer’s preference.

In a way, it can be fun as well as useful. Actually no one really curious enough to know whether the moon is full or not, but being able to see the stage of the moon on your wrist provides a special satisfaction. In an age when our phones do a lot, you don’t need any complications. But if you opt for any complications, make sure it’s one you can really enjoy.

Sport or Outfit

Many dive watches are looks great in nearly every outfit.  Some watches are suitable for office is not to perfect for swimming or can take with you on the trip or wear in the shower. Even dive watches inside of style spectrum are versatile enough than you might think. Sports watches are usually offered stainless steel, hard-wearing, less expensive, and more water and shock resistance. While dress watches are generally thinner, simple, and small in diameter and can go well with the traditional outfit. So choose a dive watch that proves to be as perfect as your unique lifestyle.

Final Verdict

From the above ideas, you should have some better knowledge about which dive watch can fulfill your ultimate desire. As you can watch, dive watches offer an appealing and universal wearing experience. As a result, a driver may be a watch you will ever need. Remember to be dedicated and curious about the hunt. No matter whether you are a driver or true heritage and style admirer, there is always a dive watch to suit you. So, recognize the space of your cupboard you want the watch to stay and select the right watch within your range or budget.

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