Apple Watch Series 5

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I have the best SmartWatch in the market that’ll do a just as good a job as a fitness watch the Apple watch series 5. This is one of the most versatile watches in the market coming in with a beautiful design, great display and mpressive battery life, superb selection of apps available optimized OS always- on display and so much more while it’s a little expensive compared to the other choices.

It’s one of the most worthy ones the biggest improvement of this SmartWatch compared to the last one in the series is the always-on display which is a whole lot more than you would expect from a SmartWatch while others show off this feature the Apple watch series 5 does it perfectly showing you all the information that you may need on the display and you can customize it to fit your preference you can set it to show the most used apps such as messages or workout but then again you can set it to show battery life and the weather on top of the normal clock face.

One of my favorites features were the adaptive ambient light sensor that worked to perfection adjusting the brightness perfectly. The biggest feature that came in this brand new Apple watch is its built-in compass that may seem like a gimmick, but after a bit of messing around with a compass app it proved to be one of the most useful features for fitness users.

The feature will show you tons of routes and trails for running and cycling one of the most defining features of this fitness watch. However, other apps benefit from the built-in compass as well super useful throughout the battery life for the Apple watch series 5 is pretty good as well. but then again you’ll need to charge it daily as it cabbages about 16 hours before needing a recharge.

In my opinion it’s not a deal-breaker but if you plan to use the sleep tracking features it might not be the best choice for you. The design is the same old classic Apple watch which most of us have been big fans of and it comes in three finishes including space grey, silver and gold aluminum all of which look pretty much excellent.

Notable Features

Built-in GPS

Optical heart sensor,

Electrical heart sensor

Louder speaker

Digital Crown with haptic feedback

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Water resistant 50 meters


Always-on display

Useful compass

Excellent design and new titanium finish

Fantastic health features

Comprehensive fitness features

Great activity tracking

Solid running watch

Offline music



Only works with an iPhone

No native sleep tracking

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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