10 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Dive Watch

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Hello dear readers, here we will discuss about some essential tips

10 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Dive Watch about care and maintaining of your valuable dive watch. So lets go to the point how we can maintain our automatic timepieces. Cause a automatic dive watch is very valuable for a diver,  watch enthusiast and hiker. If you are a owner of a precious dive watch, you should must know about its care and maintaining system.

For your easiness we have point out some easy tips for maintain your dive watch, so lets have a look some easy tips to maintain your dive watch.

Here below the 10 easy tips for you, if you are a owner of a dive watch.

1.Wash the watch properly:

Wash your dive watch’s exterior side with a soft toothbrush and cold water with mild detergent. Please do not try to wash or clean interior side without help of a professional. And it would be always better, if you bring your timepiece to a professional.

2. Always try to avoid chemicals:

You should be aware about this tips that keep safe distance from any kind of exposed chemicals like aerosol sprays, strong chemicals or solvents, which can damage or dry them out.

3. Check gaskets:

Dive watches are fully waterproof with rubber and plastic. You should checkout them properly. Damage of gaskets will make a bad impact on your dive watch. Manufacturer suggest to change them from every 18 to 36 month.

4. Rinse after each dive:

Thoroughly rinse your watch in fresh water after each dive. You should also rinse it after getting out of a pool to get the chlorine off.  Take good care of it and clean it after every dive you undertake to ensure longevity.

5. Don’t ware it in hot bath tub:

Be assure that, when you are in a hot bath tub, it is not worn. If it is worn in your hand in a hot bathtub, it will extremely damage you gaskets or your LCD panel ( If have ).

6. Maintain safe distance from heat:

Please maintain a safe distance from any kind of direct heat such as direct sunlight, any kind of powerful lamp and obviously from your kitchen.

7. Clean the bezel:

A bezel completes a watch and along with this it gives also a beautiful look. When you are in a long trip or day long hiking, may sands or other noisy thing can stuck into your bezel and the movement of bezel will be disturb you and it will not move smoothly. It may damage your bezel. So be careful about this tips.

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Watch

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8. Tight up the screws before dive:

Before every dive make sure that your watch’s screws are tighten up properly, neither after dive water may get in to the watch and can damage your valuable timepiece.

9. Make a routine for watch servicing:

This tips absolutely goes up to you, cause if you make a routine for your watch servicing, it will remind you after a routine time and this will be very helpful for you and your timepiece.

10. Keep Safe distance from children:

Though this is a common tips but important( if have ). Children doesn’t understand the value of a automatic timepiece. So you should be aware about this matter and tell them about the necessity and value of a dive watch.

Hope These easy and simple 10 tips will help you to maintain your valuable automatic timepiece each and every way.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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